Man Who Was Accused Of Using Cyberbullying, Cyberbullies To Get Women’s Attention To Him Gets New Job As A Wall Calendar Photographer

NEW YORK — A former high school cheerleader who used cyberbullying to get attention to him has found a new gig as a wall calendar photographer, according to Axios.

Michael Fischbach, 19, worked as a photographer for an entertainment company that specializes in Wall Calendar and Photojournalism.

According to a report by Buzzfeed News, Fischbach’s new job was as a “photojournalist” for a company called the “Horny Photographers.”

Fischbaches new gig was to shoot calendar calendars and photojournalism covers.

The photos were taken for his own personal use.

The Huffington Post first reported on the job.

Fischbach is not the first high school boy to get into the business of photojournaling.

A man named Nicky Patey made headlines last year when he was accused of using cyberbullies to get women’s attention.

The allegations were later dropped.