When will the Juventus Football team be ready for the game?

When will Juventus Football be ready to face Manchester City in the Champions League final?

As we’ve said many times before, we’re confident in our players’ readiness for the final game in Turin, as we’re in no hurry to call them up for duty.

Juventus will be ready by the end of March and we’re hoping that they’ll be ready in time for the Champions Trophy Final, which takes place on Saturday.

We can’t wait to see what the team will do on the pitch!

We have already announced that the squad will be assembled in mid-March.

We’ll have a full squad to start the season with.

The first training session is on Monday at 6:00pm and the second at 6.00pm, the third at 7.00 pm and the fourth at 7:00 pm.

The training sessions will be followed by a friendly match in the first week of April.

The players are on the road in Turlac.

They will be back in Rome on Monday, March 15, to train at the Turin Stadium.

They’ll then be on their way to Naples for a training session on Monday March 22.

The team will then travel to Milan for a friendly on Wednesday March 25, and finally, to Paris on Tuesday March 27.

They’ll be back at Turin for the start of the new Serie A season on April 3, when they’ll take part in a training camp in preparation for the new campaign.

In order to ensure the best possible training, the team has to be well rested for the first part of the season.

Juventus’ squad is not expected to be completely fit until February 2019.

It’s possible that the players will be able to participate in training again before the start the new season, as it’s unlikely that the club will play in the Europa League.

However, it’s still possible that they could miss the first half of the campaign.

They have a game against Torino in the Supercup on Saturday March 15.

Juventus’ squad has been reduced from a squad of 18 to a squad consisting of 16, with two substitutes, as they face the Bianconeri in the Amex Cup final.

Juve will also play in their first UEFA Champions League game at the Camp Nou on March 22, when a friendly between their two clubs will be played.

We expect that they will be the favorites, with Juventus having beaten Torino 5-0 in Turio last year.

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