Which wall calendars are available for purchase online in India?

India’s retail giant Zazzle is offering wall calendars for sale on its website, including one that includes the calendar of the Indian cricket team that won the World Cup.

The calendar, available for sale at Zazzles website, shows the Indian team’s name, logo, shirt number and jersey number.

Zazzle says it was created by a Mumbai-based designer, Shri Dharan Kumar, who wanted to celebrate the achievements of India’s cricket team, which won the 2018 World Cup in England.

It also shows the date of India-England cricket matches, as well as a video clip of the team celebrating its first Test match, the victory over England in the World Twenty20 final.

Zazzy also features the team’s crest and the team name.

In addition, the calendar features a video of Indian batsman Virat Kohli and India captain Virat Chawla celebrating their first-class internationals.

The calendars come with two free wall calendars per month.

A third calendar is available for Rs.2,999.99 (about US$2,818).

A Zazzlem calendar, which is sold by Zazzly for Rs 2,999,999 ($4,000) per calendar, comes with a video and a calendar cover.

A Zazzer calendar comes with the calendar cover, a video, and a video sleeve.