Top Wall Calendar Manufacturer Teton Wall Calendar Maker Faces Off Over $10,000 in Claims

Teton, New Mexico-based Wall Calendar maker Teton was sued on Thursday for allegedly overcharging for calendars.

The complaint alleges that Teton billed its clients for a calendar based on a model that has been discontinued, with the calendar’s date printed as “February 2019” and a different date printed for each calendar’s corresponding calendar.

Teton has denied the allegations.

Wall Calendar Maker Teton faces lawsuits in states across the country over allegedly overpaying clients for calendarsThe lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, claims that Tilton overcharged clients between $1,500 and $5,000 by falsely claiming the calendar was based on an “old, discontinued model.”

Teton’s calendars, which are priced at $9.99, were not discontinued, but they were not updated or updated to include new calendars until late 2017, the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit said that when clients purchased a calendar, Teton claimed it was “supplied with a date printed to show it is for use in 2019,” but in reality it was the calendar that had been discontinued and was no longer being produced.

Tilton has denied any wrongdoing.

A Teton spokesperson said that the company “does not comment on pending litigation.”

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