Which calendars are on sale?

Cheap wall calendars and Bic wall calendar are on the cheap in India.

Many brands are offering the cheaper versions, and even some are offering them with more bang for your buck.

This article reviews some of the popular options.

Here are the best cheap wall calendars on sale in India right now. 

A lot of people think these cheap wall calendar options are only available at major malls, and that you can buy them at the local kiosks.

That’s not true.

They are available at all kinds of retailers.

The biggest retailers like Bic, Tumbler, and Wipster have these products.

They have been around for a long time and are popular among consumers.

These cheap wall and Bics calendars are available for around Rs 30 for a set of 20.

This is pretty good value for money.

Bic Wall Calendar: The cheapest Bic calendar available on the Indian market for the moment.

It comes with 20 calendars.

Bic Wall calendar comes in a box that looks like a small shopping bag with a white cardboard box.

This is the cheapest Bics calendar available in India for now.

You can get the Bic Bic set for Rs 30.

You can buy this Bic Wipsters calendar for Rs 50 at most stores.

It is a little pricey at Rs 45 but it’s worth it if you are a serious calendar-pusher.

Tumbler Calendar: This is a very good Bic-style calendar with a very cute design.

The design is very cute and the price is pretty reasonable too.

If you want a Bic style calendar with more space in the back, you can get this Tumblers calendar for just Rs 50.

Wipster Calendar: Wipsters are pretty cheap and pretty cute too.

The calendar comes with a lot of fun stickers, as well as some nice designs.

They have been a favorite for people who are into art, fashion, and decorating.

Vicki Calendar: Vicky is a pretty cute Bic type calendar with cute stickers.

She comes with 30 calendars in a set.

The price is about Rs 40.

Pendulum Calendar: These calendars are not as good as the Bics.

The Pendulum calendar comes out of a box and comes with 15 calendars.

You get 30 calendars.

Lux Calendar: Lux is the next cheapest Bicc calendar available.

The prices are Rs 50 for a 20-piece set.

It has stickers for free, and you get a few free gifts.

Dolby Calendar: Dolby has a very unique calendar design, and the pricing is fairly low too.

It’s around Rs 35 for a 15-piece kit.

A few other brands are also offering cheaper versions of these cheap calendars. 

Bic Calendar: Bic is the first Bic brand that comes to mind.

It offers 30 calendars for around $50.

There are other brands like Tumblestar, Wip, and Vicky available for about $40.

To find out more about the best affordable wall calendars available in your area, check out this list from Mint.

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