How to Get Rid of the Worrying Calendar Birds

This is what I do.

It’s the best way to get rid of the worrying calendar birds.

I’ve been writing about the importance of this topic for quite some time now, but this article is going to shed some light on it and explain how you can get rid on the worrying birds.

In short, you have to get out of the habit of checking your calendar to see if any birds are arriving, and then you have one-to-one meetings to see how your calendar is going.

If you don’t want to bother, I’ve put together a list of things you can do to get you out of this habit and start getting back to your natural birding habits.

If these are a little hard to believe, I’ll be honest: I find myself checking my calendar quite often. 

When I check my calendar, I often find myself wondering if there’s anything I can do about the bird.

I see them, and wonder if they’re going to be a problem.

I wonder if I should get them out of my house or not.

If I’m at the airport and I’m not sure if I’ll find a suitable place to park the bird, I wonder what it might look like. 

It can be very frustrating to have to ask yourself the same question over and over again, and even more frustrating to think that there is nothing you can really do about it.

And yet, every once in a while, you find yourself thinking to yourself, “There’s a bird I can fix”.

You can’t be sure of what bird it is or if it’s going to make it, but you know you need to get it out of your house.

And once you’ve done that, you can be sure that you’ve found a solution that works. 

This is also the time to remember that birding isn’t a solitary hobby.

Birds are social animals, and when you make time to get outside and interact with birds, you are in effect showing the world that you care about them.

If a bird is bothering you, it can be because it is upset by something you say or do.

And when you get out to interact with a bird, you’re also showing that you are a person who cares about the birds. 

So, what can you do to prevent the worrying bird problem?

If you have any of the following problems with your worrying bird: The birds are not in your backyard, not far from your house, or near your property, or on your property. 

There are no birds nearby. 

You are at work, or are at home, or outside your house for extended periods of time. 

If a bird bothers you and you are at your desk or in your office, you may need to leave your office and come home. 

Sometimes the birds are hanging around your property and not even within sight. 

The bird is making a loud noise and you cannot hear it. 

Other times, the birds have been around your house and are hanging on to your curtains or your door. 

Some birds have started to lay eggs in your yard, or have already been there. 

Any of the above will trigger your alarm bells. 

Do you want to know more? 

Find out how you could solve these issues. 


Do you have a bird? 

If you don´t have a Birding Challenge member, this article will help you out. 

Find a Birds of the Week  and see what birds you are looking for to see on your Birding Challenges calendar. 


How do I make a Bird of the Month? 

I’ve made Birds of a Month before, but they usually come in a form of one-time only subscription. 

With a Birds Of the Month, you get a bird each month, and they are listed for you to buy at the beginning of the month. 

Each bird you purchase will be listed on your Birds of The Month calendar and you can read about it at the end of each month.


What’s the difference between a Birds Challenge membership and a Birds on the Walls membership? 

A Birds Challenge is a monthly subscription, and Birds on The Walls is a one-off subscription.

You can also choose to receive a Bird on the Wall membership, and you receive one bird each time you sign up for a Bird Challenge. 


Can I have both a Birds challenge and a Bird On the Walls challenge? 

Yes, you CAN have both of these events. 

For more information on how to get both, please see our Birding FAQs page.


I can’t afford to pay a fee.

What do I do? 

You can always pay a membership fee for your Birds Challenge and Birds On The Walls membership. 


Do I need to pay for an annual membership?



What if I want to buy a Birds On the

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