How to create a wall calendar using ebay

A year ago, I started the process of making a wall calendars for my family.

My wife and I both love calendars, so the process was very easy and fun.

I had the tools to make our calendars.

We had all of the supplies and materials to make a calendar.

However, we wanted to give our calendars a little extra flair.

This was our favorite part of the whole process. 

In the past, we would make our wall calendars in our living room and store them in a drawer.

The thought of putting them in the fridge or closet was just not cool. 

We wanted something a little more unique, so I decided to create my own calendar.

To my delight, I got a calendar with an eye-catching design, and it turned out very well. 

The calendar is beautiful, easy to print, and durable.

I can’t wait to start making more calendars.

If you are looking to make wall calendars using e-Bay, please use this post to learn how to do it. 

If you have any questions about this process, I will be happy to answer them in this blog post.

 If it was too much to ask for, you can buy wall calendars on ebay for $4.99. 

My wife is a big fan of the Halo Wall Calendar and will be buying a set.

I plan to get more of these for my kids as they grow. 

I will be posting more of my wall calendars as I create them. 

Thanks for stopping by!