‘It’s a big thing’: What you need to know about the upcoming presidential election

“The Republican National Committee (RNC) has announced the opening of a new website that will let supporters of presidential candidates and campaigns make donations to candidates, PACs and committees on a one-time, non-refundable fee basis.

The website, www.getyourvotenow.com, will begin accepting donations on October 17 and will offer donations up to $1,500 per candidate or committee.

The RNC says it will continue to work with candidates and their political action committees to ensure they have access to the funds they need to compete in the general election.

But in the meantime, people can use the website to make direct contributions to candidates or committees through the FEC.”

The site will be used to promote and advocate for candidates and political action committee(s), which will help ensure that candidates and committees have the funds needed to compete and win the presidential election,” the RNC said in a statement.

The RNC has also established a hotline, robocalls, and automated voice mail campaign to help people make direct donations to Republican candidates.

The announcement came after several major GOP donors complained to the RNC about what they described as the GOP’s lack of transparency.

In addition to the Trump campaign, the RNC is working on behalf of a number of other major GOP candidates including former Alaska Gov.

Sarah Palin, former Ohio Gov.

John Kasich, Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen., Rand Paul, Sen, and Sen. Marco Rubio.

The Republican National Committeewoman also said the GOP had not fully implemented its plan to help voters contact candidates.