People of the year: Who did we miss?

In 2016, the year of the first Halo Wall Calendar, we saw the return of a number of iconic icons in the game.

We’ve had the Halo ring, the Spartan ring, and the Mjolnir ring, among others.

Now, we have a new, more iconic icon: the Halo Wall calendar.

The Halo Wall is a simple and beautiful piece of art that is a perfect complement to a great collection of Halo Wall calendars.

The calendar itself has an adorable cartoon look and can be used to display your favorite content from the Halo universe.

The calendar features four different colors for each month and features a variety of unique and seasonal content, including art, wallpapers, and wallpapers that look just like the real thing.

The Calendar also features a customizable layout that can be set up to fit your needs and the calendars size.

It’s great for people who want to showcase their own art, and for people looking to showcase the Halo wall calendar’s diversity.

The wall calendar is available on the Microsoft Store and in the Microsoft Marketplace.

You can find more information about the calendar and how to purchase it on the Halo community forum.