What to do with your wall calendars? It’s not easy

In 2018, CBS News will be airing an online program about the life and times of one man, Hemmings, the man who made the very first calendar and the first one to ever use calendars.

In it, Heemsons wife, Mary, will describe how she took on the task of creating and preserving her husband’s life-long, and most of all, life-changing calendar, for herself and her family.

She tells her story through pictures, notes, and quotes from people who were there.

The program is a collaboration between CBS News and Heemsings family.

You can see the program, including clips of the stories Mary and Heemings told and the photos and quotes Mary and Sheemsons produced.

You’ll learn about the creation of calendars, the creation and preservation of life-saving photographs, the importance of preserving a calendar, the role calendars play in families and life, and the power of photos in helping to understand the people you love.

It’s a fascinating look into a man who was a pioneer in the creation, preservation, and use of calendars.

The program, “Heemsons Wall Calendar,” is scheduled to air on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.