‘It’s just the beginning’: What’s coming to Wallabies’ Wallabies 2017 calendar

New Zealand is to host a wall-sized calendar, designed to celebrate the New Zealand rugby team, for its 2018 Wallabies tour.

The Wallabies, who are aiming to win a record ninth Super Rugby title, are due to tour the United States in early 2019 and the UK in early 2020.

The New Zealand Wallabies are set to wear their colours for the first time in a decade, with players wearing a red, white and blue jersey in honour of the country’s rugby heritage.

Wallabies boss Justin Pascoe said the Wallabies would use the calendar to commemorate the team’s heritage and to celebrate players, coaches and fans.

“It’s really a beautiful calendar, with everything from the Wallaby kit to our colours,” Pascoe told AAP.

“Our players, our players’ colours, everything from our jersey to our uniforms, that’s all part of our heritage.”

So it’s just about how we want to celebrate that heritage and how we can represent that to our fans.

“Pascoe said that while the calendar would not feature a player or coach, the Wallabys would honour those who have made an impact on rugby in the New World.”

We’ll honour the players, the coaches, the players who have had a big impact on our team, or the players and coaches who have supported us on the field and the players or coaches who’ve made a real impact off the field,” he said.”

That’s what we want.

“The Wallaby’s Wallabies 2018 calendar will be unveiled on November 6, 2019.