UK wall calendar maker unveils new ‘messianically’ wall calendar with 12×25 designs

A wall calendar company in Britain has unveiled a new 12×18 calendar, with a number of designs inspired by the Jewish holiday of Shabbat.

The calendar was unveiled at the British Jewish Week celebration in London on Wednesday.

The designs include the names of people who were not Jewish in the time of the ancient Roman Emperor Nero, including a portrait of David, the son of Solomon.

The company, which also sells calendars with 12-inch square images of Jewish religious figures, has also created 12- and 12-foot calendars featuring images of Jews and non-Jews.

Shabbats are observed throughout the Jewish calendar year, which begins on the first day of the month and runs through the end of September.

“We’ve been working on the new calendar for the past few years and we’re delighted to finally be able to present this design,” said Simon Hirsch, co-founder of Hirsch Wall Calendar Company.

“The themes are based on the holiday of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish celebration of the coming of the Messiah.

The message is simple: to live the life of a godly man.”

The new calendar features 12 images of 12 people, including: a Jew who lives in the United States, an American who lives on the east coast of the United Kingdom, a Jewish woman who lives near her native England, a British woman who lived in England during the Roman era and a Jewish man who lives off the coast of Spain.

In a video accompanying the release of the new holiday calendar, Hirsch said the new 12-by-12-inch calendars will be available for purchase starting in the spring.

The new 12 x 18 designs will be made available to anyone with a subscription to Hirsch’s Wall Calendar Shop, a website dedicated to the holiday calendars.

The company also has a website where people can buy and download its new calendars.

The calendars are available in three sizes, and include the following options: A 12-x24 calendar featuring the Jewish names of all the people in the US, the UK and Ireland, including David, who lived on the west coast of England; a 12- by-12 calendar featuring all the images of the Jewish people who lived during the British monarchy, from King David to the Duke of Wellington; a 14-x18 (24 inches) calendar featuring images from all the religious figures who live in the countries where they lived.

The 14-by 14 calendar is available for $39.95, while the 24-by 24 calendar is $39,95.

The 12-ft calendars, which are available for only $49.95 each, feature images of people from different ethnic backgrounds and feature a variety of themes.

Hirsch has said he hoped to eventually sell calendars with as many as 120 different designs.

Hirsch said he wanted to offer calendars that would inspire people to live life in a godlike way, rather than just be happy.

“I believe that the holiday season is a time to be happy, and I wanted to create a calendar that would bring that joy to those who are looking for something a little different, something a bit more inspirational,” Hirsch told ABC News.

“I think that the 12-month calendar that we’ve presented is the perfect way to make that happen.”

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