Which calendars will you use this spring?

A number of calendars have already been created by the Israel Tourism Authority, and more are expected in the coming months.

Some of them are expected to feature Israeli athletes competing in a series of events around the country, such as an event on March 12 featuring Israeli cyclists, a track meet on March 17, and a cycling event in Jerusalem on March 24.

But for now, most calendars are about the Israel Defense Forces, which are the country’s biggest tourism draw.

The calendars will be posted on the Tourism Authority’s website in the spring, with the official dates to be announced in late April or early May.

The agency will also launch a website with the same theme and images and have calendars created for schools, synagogues and museums.

The IDF calendar will be launched with a message from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the country has said, “to help you celebrate your Jewish identity and become more active and engaged.”

Israel’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism says it is “the first Israeli tourism agency to bring together the countrys leading tourist destinations and cultural activities.”

The ministry says it will provide the calendar with information about the various events, with additional information to be published on the website.

The department is also considering creating an event calendar with a number of countries, including the U.S., Canada, France, and Australia.

In addition to the calendars, the Tourism Ministry is planning to launch a portal for Israeli visitors to register for services.

A similar portal is being created in France.

In an email, a spokesman for the Tourism Minister, Moshe Yaalon, said, in part, “The Tourism Authority is creating a portal that will provide information about our government’s policies, the latest trends in tourism and other activities, as well as information on current events and activities.”

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