New ‘fantasy wall calendar’ for Christmas is set to sell for $1.4 million

The makers of the fantracy wall calendar for Christmas say they are setting the price at $1,400,000.

The calendar, which will include wall paintings, prints, toys, dolls and other items, will go on sale at the end of December.

It has already sold out in Australia.

Mr Cope, who was born and raised in Melbourne, said it was about celebrating Christmas and being able to celebrate with family.

“We’ve got lots of family we love and I think it’s really about the family and having time together,” he said.

“There are a lot of different things that people want to do in the house and it’s about having time to have a holiday together.”

“There’s lots of great things that we can do, we’re really excited about that.”

Mr Cottesons daughter, who is five years old, will be getting a new Christmas stocking and he said his daughter had a good time decorating it.

“She loves it.

She loves the colour,” he explained.”

So it’s a good Christmas stocking for her.”

He said the calendars would be available to the public on the internet.

“I think it will be a good thing to share, people can share, I think people will love it,” he added.

“Theres so many people looking for it.”

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