How to Make Your Wall Calendar for the Holidays

Wall calendars can be a great way to mark off a busy day.

But the wall calendars you see in the stores are not always the most attractive.

Here’s how to make a nice, simple wall calendar that will remind you of what’s going on in your life, all in the comfort of your home.


Find a wall calendar template from a local decorator.

The easiest and most reliable way to find a good wall calendar is to search online for a template.

Look for one with a big, clear, and bold picture of a large picture of your house.

Then, start by selecting the calendar you want to make.

It should look like this:  2.

Select a template that’s easy to use.

The template you’ll find should have a grid and a small, easy to read, title. 


Next, you’ll want to select a date range that you can stick to.

You’ll need to add an event at the end of each month, for example.

This should be on a calendar that’s large enough to accommodate both months, but small enough that you don’t have to be scrolling through multiple calendars to find it. 4.

Next up, you need to make the calendar.

To start, select your calendar template. 


Select the month, year, and year’s theme. 


Next to each theme, make sure the calendar has the same calendar number.

This number will show up on the calendar as well. 


Select an icon, a font, and a color.

The icon you’ll need is a small white arrow that you’ll use to highlight each calendar month and year.


Finally, select a color and a font.

If you want a calendar to appear in your phone, you can use an app that will allow you to make an icon on your phone for your calendar.


Finally you’ll have to make your calendar available for your phone.

Select “Make available for mobile”.

Then you’ll be able to choose your template and the time range it should be. 


Then you can start to make changes to your calendar with your phone or tablet.

 That’s it!