When The ‘Giant Wall Calendar’ Arrives on the Market

India’s biggest wall calendar company is set to launch a new product, which it says will bring its catalogue of wall calendars to “near-universal use.”

The new calendar will be called the “Giant” Wall Calendar, and will be a “world-class product that will bring all of the features of a standard wall calendar into one,” according to the company’s website.

The “Gigantic” Wall calendar will offer a calendar in 11 sizes including calendar-like images, images in a variety of formats and calendars of different colors, the company said.

The calendar will feature the names and phone numbers of customers and customers’ locations.

In the United States, the giant wall calendar is now available at some retailers including Walgreens, Target and Best Buy.

The giant wall calendars will be available in Europe in October.

The giant wall schedule is a product of the company, and it has more than 500 employees.

The firm has over 20 years of experience in selling calendars.

The company is known for its calendars, which can be customized to the individual’s preferences, as well as by using its software to store information about the calendar.

In its press release, the firm said it plans to introduce a new calendar “on the heels of the launch of our second giant calendar,” the “Wall Calendar 2.”

The announcement comes just two days after Walgos CEO Rahul Singh told CNBC that the company is planning to launch its first giant wall-style calendar sometime in the fourth quarter of 2017.