House Democrats demand House GOP’s vote on Obamacare repeal bill

House Democrats have demanded that House Republicans give them a vote on their latest health care repeal bill on Friday.

A vote on the GOP health care bill is expected to come within hours, a senior House Democrat told ABC News.

Democrats are also calling for a vote before the Thanksgiving holiday, after the House voted on the measure Tuesday.

“This is going to be a very, very difficult vote for us to have a vote,” Rep. John Larson, D-Conn., said.

“There are many provisions in the bill that are not in the House version.

There are many of the same things that the House Republicans are opposing, which I think are pretty critical,” Larson said.

“It’s going to take some votes, but we’re optimistic.”

Larson said Democrats have made it clear that they would oppose any attempt to replace Obamacare with a health care plan that includes the Affordable Care Act.

“We’re not going to support a plan that doesn’t include those things,” Larson added.

The White House has previously called the House bill a failure.

The GOP leadership has already called on Speaker Paul Ryan to take the health care vote off the calendar, but Ryan has not budged.

House Democrats have not said how they would vote on Ryan’s latest bill, but they have repeatedly said they are not backing it.

They have called for a single-payer health care system, which is a key plank of their bill.

Democrats have also criticized Ryan for trying to appease conservatives and moderates by using a process known as reconciliation to pass the bill without a Democratic vote.

They are now calling for the bill to be stripped of its reconciliation provision, allowing Republicans to pass it as they normally would without Democratic support.

Democrats are expected to vote against the House GOP bill on Thursday, as well.

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