Pig wall calendars are trending on Twitter

The NFL is getting in on the trend of celebrating pigs, and now it has a calendar with the NFL’s own pig mascot.

On the NFL wall calendars it will have a pig calendar.

It’s been around for years, but this one is a bit of a wild card.

pic.twitter.com/s9eXb7Vy2h — Rob Demovsky (@DemovskyNBCS) March 31, 2021A pig calendar?

I’m not sure why, but there is a website called NFL.com, and it says the NFL is working on a pig wall calendar.

Here’s what it says:”We’re excited to finally share this beautiful and iconic NFL calendar with our fans.

In addition to celebrating NFL history and game broadcasts, our calendar celebrates the life of an NFL legend.

We know our fans appreciate their time on our walls, so we’re giving them a chance to own one of their very own.

We’ve added the NFL and NFL players, as well as some surprises for the very special fans in our office.

You can choose the name of the NFL player or NFL team to complete your wall, or you can choose to customize your own.”

It’s not clear how many calendars there will be.

We asked a spokesperson for the NFL if there are plans to expand the NFL calendar beyond the NFL players.

We are working with our team to expand our wall calendar to include all NFL players and all NFL teams.

The new calendar will be available at the beginning of the 2018 season, so stay tuned.”NFL.com has the NFL calendars, but we’ve not seen them on the NFL website.

We’ll update this story if we find any.