‘Gone Girl’ actress on how to keep her ‘Girlfriend’ in her pants

Actors, writers and directors are all being urged to stay “respectful” and “respect the women they work with.”

The words come from an email sent by Hollywood executive Jennifer Egan, who has also penned a memo for women in the industry.

“We need to take this seriously.

This is not the first time a woman has been harassed in Hollywood and this is not going to be the last,” Egan wrote in the email.

“We need all of you to stay respectful, respectful and respectful of the women you work with, and keep your hands off their bodies and their personal space.”

The message comes after a backlash following a video emerged showing an actress, Cara Delevingne, saying in a new interview that her co-star’s breasts were too big for her to wear.

The actress said she was asked to remove her clothes and her coactors tried to get her to stop but she refused.

The new email comes after the Weinstein Company on Tuesday released a statement saying that it has been “aware of recent allegations of misconduct involving multiple women,” including one woman who said she felt harassed by Weinstein in the 1980s.

The company added that Weinstein is no longer employed by the company.

The Weinstein Company also released a public statement in response to the allegations, saying that the company had “made it known to the people at the company that they will continue to cooperate with the ongoing investigation.”

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