How to Make a DIY Weed Wall Calendar for the Holidays

I am a huge fan of homemade calendars.

It’s not only an awesome way to keep track of what is happening on a busy holiday weekend, but it can also be a fun way to mark the start of your week off!

Here are some ideas for creating your own weed wall calendar. 


Make your own marijuana wall calendar   This DIY calendar is perfect for making during the holidays.

It looks like a simple piece of paper that’s going to fit in a pocket. 

You can make your own calendar by using any of these ideas or making one from a different calendar.

Just print out the calendar and fold it in half and tape it shut. 

Then place it on the wall. 


Make a calendar that is perfect to display in your living room.

The design for this calendar is based on a work wall calendar I found on Pinterest, which uses colorful colors and patterns.


Make your own hemp wall calendar This hemp calendar has a green theme and is perfect when you want to keep things fresh and organized.

It also looks really great in a work or play environment. 

This calendar is available for $10 at Etsy, and can be ordered online. 

I like the look of this calendar.4.

Make hemp calendar for a party  If you are going to have a party, this hemp calendar is a great way to use up leftover time. 

Instead of having to plan out a big party calendar, you can make a calendar for the home of a friend or family member. 

The calendar comes with the following printable templates: Coffee table, coffee table, couch, couch couch, coffee tables, coffee mugs, couch, couch coffee, sofa, couch.


Make weed calendar for Valentine’s Day  Make the perfect weed calendar to use for Valentine and get ready to party.

This calendar is easy to make. 

Print out your template, cut out your own paper, and cut it out to fit on your wall.

I love how this calendar can be made for any occasion. 

You can print it out and put it in your favorite gift bag. 


Make marijuana wall calendars for birthday parties, graduations, and parties. 

If your friends or family is having a birthday party, birthday, or graduations for you, this cannabis calendar is the perfect way to organize it. 

Place it on your desk and set up the decorations. 

Use the templates from this calendar to decorate it for your party or graduation. 


Make DIY marijuana wall book for your family.

This marijuana calendar is just what your mom or grandma needs! 

It’s a great project for parents who are trying to make their kids do their homework or are looking for something to decorat their home for the kids. 

There are so many different styles of calendars you can create with this calendar for your kids to learn how to do. 8.

Make cannabis calendar for Christmas or Valentine’s day  This cannabis calendar can also serve as a gift for the holidays!

Make your personalized weed calendar and display it on a table in your room. 

It looks like an elegant paper calendar that will look great in your office. 


Make pot wall calendar for Easter Make a DIY marijuana calendar for spring or fall. 

Set up the decorating and decorate your house. 

 It can be an easy project to do for a family that is celebrating a big event. 


Make the perfect gift for a big wedding or other big occasion This marijuana calendar can serve as an adorable gift for any big event or special occasion.

The calendar is also great for those who are looking to celebrate a special day or occasion. 

  It comes with some great templates, like flowers, candles, and even a tree. 


Make an edible wall calendar For some reason, I have always loved making edible wall calendars.

You can make this awesome calendar for friends and family to share on their special day.

You can also use it for other people to use and enjoy on special occasions. 


Make wall calendar that you can share with friends and neighbors. 

Put this cannabis wall calendar in your home and you’ll be able to make it look really cool. 

Get the DIY Hemp Calendar template from Etsy. 


Make handmade marijuana wall clock calendar If you don’t have a work space, this calendar will be a great place to make a wall clock that you want your neighbors to look at when you are not around. 

They’ll be glad you added a homemade calendar to your decorating! 


Make calendar for family gatherings or weddings This DIY calendar for birthday, graduation, and other special occasions is perfect if you are a parent, grandparent, or grandchild. 

Grab a template, scissors

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