The snowman calendar has been banned in Delhi

The snow man calendar has become the latest trend to have its validity challenged after a Delhi court ordered it banned on Wednesday.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered that the calendar was banned after a petition by the city’s chief minister and several members of his family argued that it was misleading and did not correspond to reality.

The court was hearing a petition filed by the family of the deceased chief minister to ban the calendar on the grounds that it “injures the dignity of the dead”.

The snowman was created by the late and late poet Sangeeta Thakur and is now owned by the artist and the Indian writer Hari Kunzru, the latter of whom died in 2017.

It depicts a person’s face in a snowstorm, with a snowman and a tree in the background.

The snow man was launched in the US in 1999 by American author and photographer Ron Howard.

In the decades since, it has become a global phenomenon.

In January, Delhi High Court Chief Justice Anil Dattu directed the department of tourism, culture, science and technology to take down the calendar and ordered that it be removed from public places.

The department appealed against the order.

The ministry had appealed against Dattus order in February but it was not immediately clear if the court had granted it a stay.

The department of travel, culture and science and tourism had earlier asked the Delhi government to register a protest over the snowman.